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Meet Zulay Santana: Alumni Roundup Healthy Living Columnist

In the Fall of 2009 I decided that I wanted to lose at least 12 lbs.; weighed 162 lbs. By Winter of2009/2010 I managed to gain an additional 8 lbs. One of my best friends told me that as long as my jeans still fit that I’d be fine… Well, my jeans (even the “safety/fat pants”) didn’t fit well anymore… something really had to be done. And there was another issue, sometime last year I got the ambitious idea to run the ING marathon in 3 years. Yes, indeed, something really had to be done!
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Roundup Russy Featured in Rolling Out Magazine

To build anticipation for the release of the 2011 Ford Fiesta, the Ford Motor Company has enlisted 100 agents to participate in the Ford Fiesta Movement. Each agent was given a 2011 Ford Fiesta, a camcorder, free gas and insurance for six months. Rustin Moore of AlumniRoundup.com was chosen to be an agent and recently discussed his experience with the Ford Fiesta Movement. –a.r.

How did you get involved with the Ford Fiesta Movement?

I am co-founder of AlumniRoundup.com. It’s a social conglomerate of 18 social networks that’s dedicated to HBCU alumni. I found out about the Ford Fiesta Movement after I produced a show for the Ford Flex through my Web site. They wanted 100 people who had a big following online. I put in an application and now the Fiesta is a backdrop to my life.
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Roundup Russy's "Beyond 140 Characters: The Team"

For those of you that follow me on Twitter you may see me @’ing certain people or you may see a lot of jokes going back and forth that you may not catch.. In an effort to lower the barriers of the inside jokes and informal relationships, I would like to introduce you to my immediate team:
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Bryndan “Bemor” Moore

Bryndan is my brother, Co-Founder of AlumniRoundup, father of my 2 nephews and niece and husband to my sister in law. Since the days of him karate kicking me in the chest, swatting EVERY basketball shot I threw up and Indian burning my wrist, he has been a great teacher, warning me of what is to come and how to prepare for it. Truth be told, we had an odd relationship growing up as we are 7 years apart; I was always too young to hang out and had nothing in common to speak about until that day he dropped me off at Drew Hall of Howard University in room #333. From that day on, we have become the best of friends.

Alfonso “AkaTito” Wright
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